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W-8 Whey Protein


Our W-8 Protein “New-Zealand Grass-fed” is our most affordable protein, it provides the high-quality ingredients you want, without the cost of the isolate protein. We make sure our protein is made of the top-quality ingredients.

New Zealand whey is considered the greatest because the country demands and requires the highest standards for their food sources and production. Dairy cows on the New Zealand farms are free range so they are free to eat and feed in vast pastures. They have a hormone free and natural pesticide free grass-fed diet, which in turn, produce more natural dairy products. W-8 is also sweetened with Stevia, which is a natural sweetener extracted from a plant and considered healthier than other artificial sweeteners.

Available in two tasty flavors, W-8 Protein is perfect to use as a post workout, as a meal replacement or to supplement your protein intake during the day.

W-8 Protein gives you a great taste, nice and smooth texture so you can mix it with fruit in the blender, your favorite beverage or simply with water.

Try it, and you will fall in love right away!

W-8 Protein is a whey protein supplement conceived as a derivative of dairy, so it may contain lactose. For people who are lactose intolerant, we suggest the isolate protein.

What’s in it?

  • 24g whey isolate protein
  • 132 calories
  • Only 4g of carbohydrates
Select the desired flavour (chocolate or vanilla)

W-8 Whey Chocolate, W-8 Whey Vanilla


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